Friday, July 25, 2008

Smoked salmon please

Scrambled egg with smoked salmon is definitely his all-time favourite breakfast choice. Marcus orders it and chef Papa cooks it. Papa favours a particular pricey Norwegian brand of smoked salmon which costs $14 for a tiny 50g pack of 5 thin strips. The boy appreciates the good stuff and can consume easily 1.5 pack a week. He likes it in his particular quirky way - the smoked salmon must be cut up into bite size and placed at the side of the scrambled egg and fed separately. A spoonful of egg followed by a spoonful of fish. Never mix together.

When he is cranky, he fusses less when we offer him a snack of smoked salmon. Well, papa thinks nothing is too expensive for his boys, so I reason that we are paying for the premium taste in addition to the DHA goodness in the tiny package.

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