Monday, July 28, 2008


Just quick note of what M ate yesterday for his 3 meals.

Breakfast: Smoked salmon (2 strips) with scrambled egg (kampong egg)
Lunch: Steamed Alaskan cod (150g) with stir fried veg and rice
Dinner: Tiger prawns (6 pcs) pasta with peas

N ate the same for lunch and dinner, just smaller portion. But he is not a fan of the breakfast fare. He is still carbohydrate fan who eats large portion of potato, sweet potato, rice and pasta. With the exception of avocado which he finishes greedily, he eats no other fruits. He is unpredictable when it comes to meat, sometimes he laps them up, or they just end up on the floor. He favours fish and chicken though and will try selected vegetables. Definitely not an eggy fan which is so funny since M ate only eggs when he was this age.  

I do have a hard time meal planning sometimes since my 3 boys have very different likes/dislikes. Some days, I ended up preparing different dishes for each boy and something else for us adults. I am hopeful though that it will only get better and a year from now (fingers crossed), N will eat a wide variety like M does now. 

We will get there! 

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