Thursday, July 31, 2008

All grown up!

Aww.. love this photo of my boy who looks all grown up. Taken on the Singapore Flyer.

He wants to be a big boy so that he can go to big school, like all those kids in his school who graduate every term. He kept asking if he could go to big school too and what would it be like. Every few days, he would remark that his legs are all big and fat now, that his arms are strong and big now, so he must have grown up. He looks at bigger boys with awe and wonder in his eyes, as if they have more fun and life is better. He has indeed grown so much. Every night when I kiss him goodnight, I pause to admire how much he has grown and try to appreciate his "smallness". Like what a taxi driver told me last week, before you know it, your boy will be enlisted into the Army. So I cherish him in his childhood now.  

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