Friday, June 20, 2008

Why and why

Sounds like he is echoing Marcus and I really wonder if Nicholas understands it but he has been asking me "Why?" every few minutes these days. "Why" to everything I said and sometimes he seems to use it to simply punctuate everything he said, or so it seems to me at least.

Just like today, he said, "Where digger? Digger gone. Why?" and "Piggy sad. Why? Piggy drop. Ouch!"

He seems a wee bit young to be asking all the 'why' questions and to understand the explanations but I don't want to undermine his capabilities. So I ended answering all his "why" questions as best as I could. They aren't easy though... like when I was telling him about trees and he asked me "why" when I commented that trees have green leaves, roots and trunk. As I explained the functions of each of these parts, he asked more "why". So I simply have to brace myself for lots of talking and explaining everyday and rejoice in my toddler's inquisitive mind. Talking of which reminds me of some interesting questions that Marcus raised recently.

Why do we need skeletons? Can we see our skeleton? What is this (referring to the philtrum) and why do we need this? Why do we need skin? What can our toes do? Why do big trucks need big wheels and why can't small trucks have big wheels too? Why do double decker buses have 2 wheels in front and 4 wheels at the back?

We love that they are inquisitive but after a day's of Q&A with both boys, sometimes I really felt like I have talked enough and are too beat to utter another word. Just can't imagine how it would be like in another year's time.

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