Friday, June 20, 2008


Without any active persuasion or introduction on our part, my boys have very instinctively chosen all the 'boys' toys. They are madly in love with anything that has wheels and are contented playing all day long, everyday for months, with their ever growing collection of almost 100 vehicles of all sorts.

Nicholas is especially infatuated with the digger or excavator as Marcus prefers to call it. The baby looks for his digger the moment he wakes and tonight, even insisted on falling asleep cuddling his Piggy in one arm and digger in the other. The several construction sites around our home must have fueled his interest as he watches intently at the digger hard at work whenever we pass by one. Every few seconds, he would turn to me and exclaim "digger there!" or 'digger stop' or 'digger work'! He cried every time we had to leave even though he had stood there watching the digger doing the same work for the past 30 minutes. He is never bored, unlike me. And when he is home, he imitates for hours with his toy digger as it digs up piles and piles of tiny Lego pieces from Marcus' sets.

While I love my babies so dearly, I must admit that there is a limit to how much I can pretend to love diggers, trucks, loaders, machinery etc.. So I delegate happily to E when it comes to Lego playing, which I really dislike and reading up on all the heavy machinery and vehicles etc.. Just like the recent 3 books the boys borrowed at the library on submarines, giant loaders and garbage trucks. {yawn}

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