Thursday, July 19, 2007

Church and Dragons

Was out strolling with Marcus one evening last week when we passed by a church. Told him what a church is used for and we stood outside to admire the building for a while. There is a playground inside the church compound but the entrance is blocked so we couldn't access it. Marcus wanted to walk inside the church anyway, so we did since the gate was not locked. There was no one around, the whole ground floor looked deserted, empty and quiet. I walked around with him, his little hand leading mine and explored the empty ground. He whispered a lot as if instinctively he knew that we shouldn't be there, though I hadn't suggested so to him. I thought we were not really trespassing since it is a church and the gates were not locked, and there was no sign of "no trespassing"...

After ten minutes or so of our exploring, Marcus announced "he likes the church" and when I asked him if he wants to return in the day time when it is crowded with people and perhaps we can sit in during the mass.. he replied an enthusiastic "yes" without hesitation. So perhaps I will bring him back one Sunday morning... though I have only sat through a mass once in my entire life.

E and I are not religious people, we don't see the need to be religious, as long as we try to be good people. Perhaps that will change one day and when we feel the need, we shall be one of those church going folks. Perhaps my little boy will inspire us to want to do so.. who knows.

This brings to mind a very cheerful classmate of mine who went on to become a monk soon after his 21st birthday. We lost touch with his family when I was 14 and when my mum bumped into his mum a decade later, they updated each other of their children's lives. My mum was shocked and so was I, to learn of this boy's decision and we sympathised with his mum a lot who had wished for her son to lead a happily married life. She had resigned to fate that she cannot change her son's mind and hopefully he has chosen well. As a parent, I can understand that. I believe I will be disappointed and sad if my son were to choose like his. Or maybe I won't when I am older. I may be wiser and contented enough then to realise that as long as it brings him true happiness, it is good enough for me. I once asked E if he would be disappointed should our boys work as some cashier or production operator for the rest of their lives, instead of becoming some successful professionals. He thinks he wouldn't as long as they are happy. Huh? I would, even if they think they are happy. So yes, I do hope my boys will become "dragons" ... "wang4 zi3 chen2 long2" as the chinese saying goes..

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