Monday, July 16, 2007

Marcus says

E said something to Marcus while feeding him lunch and the little boy told his papa in a serious scolding tone "don't say that to me!". I wonder where he learnt that from.

On the same day, Marcus came to our bed and picked up Piglet (which I am currently cuddling to bed) and said "hey Piggy, how are you? What did you do yesterday? Shall we sleep together?".

I told Marcus this morning that I have to take medicine.
He asked "so you are sick?"
I: "yes"
Marcus: "so you have to see doctor?"
I: "yes"
Marcus: "so you are very poor?"
I: "yes"
Marcus: "oh poor mama. so mama has sore throat and cough?"
I: "yes"
Marcus: "so mama must sleep and cannot go take long, long bus?"


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