Saturday, July 7, 2007

Overheard... and Doh!

Earlier today, Marcus told his Sulley (from Monsters Inc.) that "I like to eat noodles, chicken, sweetcorn, peas and fish fingers. So Sulley, you like to eat chicken too? You like fish fingers?"

Later, he was stretched flat on the floor, tummy and chin down, examining his bendy bus when he was overheard saying to Mikey (from Monsters Inc too) that "this bus does not go to our house. We need to take a different bus." replaying what I told him several times about the buses that he wanted to take. Then he ran to his red table and picked up a green taxi, told Mikey "we can take taxi first and bus later."

Not just Homer Simpson says that.. Marcus too. He has learnt it from E, found it funny and now he uses it and uses it at the appropriate moment too! It is hilarious to watch him punctuate his sentences with it. But I forbid him from watching the Simpsons in case he picks up something else. Just the other night when E and I were watching Meet The Fockers, I was momentarily worried that Marcus would pick up the "S-hoole" word from the tot in the film. Luckily he wasn't even keen on the film.

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