Monday, July 9, 2007

Do Re Mi

I wonder where he learns it from but it has been on Marcus' lips everyday for about 2 weeks now.. He will sing "do re mi fa so la ti do" as he draws, plays, eats (with a mouth full) and also to Nicholas, especially when he realises that it makes his baby brother laugh. And he really does. It is incredibly sweet to see him entertain Nicholas and even sweeter to watch how the younger boy crawls towards his older sibling to be part of the actions.

Marcus doesn't always welcome Nicholas though, and often he may say "I don't want Nicholas, I don't like Nicholas". And I have to explain that Nicholas is only small and is his baby brother, so we must be nice and gentle to him. That he will always be his little brother, so Marcus ought to be nice to him. I also explain that Nicholas doesn't mean to do things, whatever it is that upsets Marcus at that time..

I can imagine all the wrong things that parents can potentially say to siblings which result in sibling rivalry and we are not immune to this. Everyday I hear myself and E say things which on reflection, I realise we shouldn't have said. I hope we haven't done any big damage yet. I am doubtful but still I worry. Nevertheless, I understand it is impossible to be a perfect parent. It will be suicidal and utterly depressing if I demand myself to be one and i am far from attaining it. But I shall try harder tomorrow and each day to ensure that whatever I say, I am not encouraging sibling rivalry. At least, don't make it worse.

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