Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Has been three days since we sacked our first maid. Finally. Should have done it long ago. Anyway, it is a good decision. After two days of not feeling her presence, I literally felt the "qi" in the house is so much better. The boys didn't miss her a single bit.

Yesterday when a candidate came for interview, Marcus immediately went over to talk to her about his car. Even asked her to smell his garbage truck and told her that the garbage is smelly. She played along rather well too and last night when I asked him if he would like this auntie to live with us and play with him everyday, he replied yes readily and offered he likes her. When I asked him if he likes Auntie Mary (the previous one), he said no and if he misses her, "no" again.. if he wants her to come and play with him again, again he said "no". When i asked him about a few other people, he always replied yes, he likes them.. so he likes everyone except our former maid.

Perhaps children really know more than we think. I think he is clairvoyant too, plus he is probably telepathic with me. He could probably felt all the stress and unhappiness that our former maid was causing me so he dislikes her. It has to be, since it seems unlikely that she could have ill-treated him in any way as I have never left them alone in the house before. Well, it is a good sign that he has taken an instant liking to the new maid. Hopefully she will be a blessing in disguise and my days of going out with E without the kids will happen in the not-so-distant future.

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