Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good boys

I am truly blessed to have my 2 boys. Life won't be complete without them. It dawns on me everyday just how good and sweet my little Marcus is. He is such a happy child and is always ready to make us happy. He seems to enjoy pleasing us and now he takes pride making his little brother laugh too, which is simply too much joy to watch. It never fails to bring a big smile to my face whenever I see the two boys interact and how little Nicholas would chuckle so much at his older brother's antics. Even just Marcus doing some hopping around can make Nicholas laugh so hard that he becomes all breathless! It is just amazing.

Marcus has always been able to play independently and happily for a long time since he was real small. Nowadays he can do that for a good half day on his own as long as whenever he wants attention, we are around to talk to him or answer his questions or just respond to whatever he wants us to. Then he will be happy enough to return to his own games/toys and his little world and he seems to have endless projects to embark on his own.

Which gives me time to spend with Nicholas who is really more needy, even so compared to Marcus when he was this small. I can't leave Nicholas in the playpen or just sit on the floor to play on his own. He cries buckets the moment he is left alone. Even in his cot. Marcus used to play and talk to himself when he woke up or I could buy time by throwing him a few books and he would flip the pages for a long time. I used to wake at 9am when Marcus was small, but now I wake at 630am because of Nicholas' screaming. Still, Nicholas is so sweet in his own ways. He melts my heart to prefer me over everyone else. He is so contented and happy whenever he is in my arms. He smiles and talks to me a lot whenever we are alone and he loves to place his little nut on my shoulder and cuddle me and these days, he has begun to rub his cheeks gently on collarbone and would "talk" a lot.. i like to think that he is telling me how comfortable he is and how much he loves doing this... he must know that i love so much, and that I am probably the one who loves him the MOST! :)

I can't wait to hear Nicholas talk properly. Marcus is already saying so many sweet things everyday, so much that I can't record them all down. He melts my heart repeatedly all day long and would run over to give me cuddles and kisses and tells me he loves me. Aww.... imagine when Nicholas is older, I would have twice this amount of affection everyday. That is the real reward of being a parent.

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