Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Loves school, First Words, Appetite, Routine

Should really consider whether to send Marcus to some arts or music school when he turns 3. http://www.one-art-studio.com/

Nicholas is 8 months old now. Hmm.. should consider arranging some informal playgroups/playdates for him on regular basis now since that was the age when Marcus first started his informal weekly playgroups too. E said it is only fair to send N to some enrichment programmes like we did for Marcus, but now that I have evaluated so many with Marcus, the only ones which I really like are GUG and Shichida... perhaps will do that when N is older. Once N can crawl well, maybe we can sign up for Gymboree free play. The classes are crap though. Kindermusik is overrated too. So is Julia Gabriel. Just read some recent posts from a blog of a kid I knew from the motherhood forum and I get so inspired. Got to nurture my boys properly and more. Oh gosh! With their potential (and I always believe that babies are born geniuses), I will be letting them down if I don't bring out their best potential in these golden years. Ok, no more shopping and dilly dally.. time to get back into some serious nurturing business!!

Marcus really loves going to school so much now. After a week break, I was a little concerned that he may not like returning to school, but yesterday he couldn't wait to get into his classroom and I had to urge him to give me a kiss before letting him go. The whole way there, he was skipping and walking faster than me, pulling me along. Today, papa takes him to school and he is also skipping and 'rushing' to school. He said 'ok' and jumped off sofa when papa said 'let's go to school now'. Earlier when Nicholas wanted to take his school bag, Marcus told his bro' 'you go to small school later'. Haha!

More First Words
Told Nicholas to say 'up' whenever he wanted me to carry and he did yesterday. Wanted me to cuddle so badly, he was making a lot of noise while extending his arms towards me and giving me his most intense eye contact. Haha.. then he said 'up'. Last week, he started saying 'dada' very frequently, not sure if he meant 'papa' since i always teach him to say 'papa' and not 'dada' the latter being more common in ang-moh land for 'daddy'. I don't like 'dada' as it is babytalk to me, whereas 'papa' is proper word?

Nicholas has such big appetite for past 2 weeks. Eating 2 meals a day now and still seem hungry. He can eat a full chinese bowl of wholegrain cereals with veg/fruits now, mixed with his formula milk and would drink the rest of the 180ml bottle too.. which is plenty for such a tiny tummy.

Trying to work towards this routine and squeezing in more activities into the day. Abit annoyed with myself for not being more organised.
8 - 11am: Marcus' school. Bonding with Nicholas (gai-gai, games, playdates). Nicholas' 1st nap.
11am - 2pm: Fetch Marcus from school, lunch and nap routine.
2 - 5pm: Marcus naps, Nicholas' 2nd nap, more bonding with Nicholas.
5 - 8pm: Sibling play, dinner, Nicholas' bedtime routine
830 - 10pm: Bonding with Marcus and bedtime.

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