Thursday, June 14, 2007

First school review

Met teacher Nazia and Li laoshi for first parent-teacher conference. Went into classroom and was shown the of EPL (Exercises of Practical Life), Sensorial and Language materials that Marcus has been introduced to and others that he will work on in future. So interesting! 

Was told his strengths lie in interactions with adults, able to express his needs/wishes very clearly with well-formed sentences, recognising colours, very attentive and interested in all materials shown to him, understand instructions well and participate enthusiastically. Curious and explore freely with new materials and takes pleasure working on arts/crafts. Also making effort to initiate conversations with classmates. 

Laoshi was surprised we didn't speak much Mandarin at home, said he understood her well even when she's w/o gestures. Nazia was surprised that Marcus know numbers and can count, said will expose him to Mathematics section soon though generally that is only intro at age 3.5yo. She wanted to know how come Marcus know his numbers, alphabet, and can read/speak so well for his age.

Areas to work on at home: play phonic games, I spy and speak more Mandarin!

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