Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Imagination, Googling, Fickleminded

Marcus was in a taxi with E one day when the taxi they were in hit the kerb. E explained to him what happened and since then, Marcus has been imagining that his toy cars and buses hit the kerb as well. He will also tell me as often as twice a day that 'mummy, i just saw a black taxi hit the kerb' and when i ask him where is the taxi, he will run towards the window and point to the main road indicating that he saw one there.

He has also been spending quite a bit of time recently on the laptop and has even mastered how to use the search engines to find pictures of the different transport modes. Haha. He can now spell some words like 'bus' and 'taxi' and would type them on the search field and has even figured out how to use the space bar, Backspace and Enter keys on the keyboard. Truly hilarious to watch how he can become totally engrossed. He does need our (usu it means papa) help to search for more varieties like bendy buses, double deckers and coaches etc, and his face will just light up the moment Google brings up the pictures.

Offered M biscuits, he held it for half hr and not eating it. So I asked if he wanted it. Said no twice, so I ate it. Seeing me chew it up, he started crying and said he wanted it. Told him it is too late as I have eaten it since he said he didn't want it. Wanted me to make the biscuit appear again and insisted that he wanted it NOW. Very frustrating to deal with still, though I understand that it is part of T2 phase. Sigh.

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