Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Things have been getting better between the boys the recent weeks but we still have to keep close watch on the boys whenever they are close by, in case M decides to hit N suddenly. 

I have been explaining repeatedly and patiently, as best as I could, to him that baby brother is very small, we must love and protect him, we cannot hurt him, that we cannot hit or kick or press any part of his body etc etc.. as it will cause him pain and he will be hurt and upset and very sad etc.. etc.. 

Sometimes I notice M does it because he gets too excited and couldn't control himself, sometimes maybe to get our attention, or perhaps he just forgot what I said and did it because he wanted to, but i don't believe for once, that he meant to hurt N. 

This morning N was on fours on my bed, next to E who was playing guitar, when M came up too and wanted to be near to them. Before E could stop him, M knocked his head on N's forehead. Poor baby cried so hard and loud once and then he went soundless though still crying. Had big fat tears, with mouth wide open from crying, but no sound. Took him over from E immediately and cuddled him tight, the whole time he just clung on to me and cried for another 20 min. My heart broke just then and I cried with him. 

This is the first time N had a bump anywhere, and I got real upset as he is so tiny and really shouldn't even have a scratch, let alone a big bump (at that time it did look real huge, though few hours later it looked much smaller and by bedtime almost nonexistent). I didn't blame M but just felt sorry for my powerless baby who depended so much on us adults to protect him from any possible knocks and pains. I have never cried before when my child cried, but then again M had never have any major knocks or falls and when he got his first grace a few months ago, my heartached too. But today, my tears just flowed nonstop when N won't stop crying in my arms.

Tried to get M all excited about going to school. Got out his new Thomas Tank Engine schoolbag and explained to him the whole "going school" thingy. He remarked proudly to us "I've got my OWN schoolbag". My lil boy is going to school tomorrow. Happy that he has grown so much, but also a little sad that he has grown so fast.

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Anonymous said...

Nic's "Bite Me" top must be the cutest I've ever seen.
- Mel


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