Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ice Age

Our new favourite family movie is Ice Age.

It makes Marcus laugh so much and I enjoy it as much as he does since much of my enjoyment is also derived from seeing my boy chuckle.

A few times each day, Marcus will take one of the Playdoh implements and pretend to bend and break it while mumbling something in front of me with a big cheeky smile. I could not make out what he says for a while, something that sounds like "this is a stick of kaya". What is 'kaya'? Asked him repeatedly if it is from hi-5 or some books and finally he said "Ice Age, mummy".

Watched it with him today and I finally realised it is a line from Sid, the sloth. He loves that line so much, but I don't know why he finds it amusing. 

It was also the case in the past with Nemo which he loves for over a year. Would ask for it whenever he is upset and calms down promptly when we allow him to watch. He loves the lines from the French speaking shrimp Jacques who says "ooh la mer", "oui", "bon" which always draw laughter from Marcus. 

He also picks up some gesture from Ice Age which is extremely endearing, like he would cuddle papa or me, depending who is watching with me, after the scene where the baby found his dad and baby touched daddy's face and mouth gently. Marcus would do the same with us and he ends with his "nose rubbing" with ours. My sweet lil pumpkin. :)

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