Thursday, April 26, 2007


Bumped into a former subordinate who has been recently promoted to Director at her new workplace. She asked me if it is all worth it to give up my previous 5-digits salary and Management post to be SAHM for so long. 

After I quit, she moved on to a new company as a manager and continued working even after she gave birth to her baby gal, whom she now leaves in the care of a maid. In return for her hard work for past 2.5 yrs, she got promoted to Senior Mgr and now to Director. While she is earning big bucks now, she shared how much she enjoys her job but at the same time feels guilty about leaving her baby with a maid. 

However after her maternity leave, she realises how tough being a SAHM is and is simply not ready to make that sacrifice. Whenever I look at my boys, I know I have made the right decision to give up my high flying career for them. I can always return to work in future, but I can never turn back the clock and be there for my boys during these golden years. 

I have only heard of people saying how they regret not spending more time with their children when they were young, and never how they wished they had spent less time with their kids and more time working.

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