Thursday, April 26, 2007

Perfectionist, Drawing, French

After rediscovering his Winnie the Pooh doodling board, Marcus has been spending time stamping on the board a lot. A year ago, he enjoyed stamping and doodling before he could paint and draw, but back then, he was not skilled enough and hands not stable enough to do a perfect stamping. Earlier he showed me how he has improved and could stamp as well as adults, with excellent control of his hand and wrist. I notice that he would erase the whole board of stamps if he decides that one stamp is not done properly. A few times he dragged the dog or car stamp a little, so the shape is not perfect, doesn't resemble the intended shape exactly. He paused, sighed quietly and erased the whole board. Then redo it, the whole time I was just a silent observer, sitting next to him. Perhaps Marcus has a steak of perfectionism in him.

Marcus spent some time drawing on a A4 paper yesterday and when it was finished, showed to me proudly. I asked him to tell me what he drew. He pointed at various parts of the drawing and told me proudly that he drew the ABC song (meaning the letters of the alphabet), a bus, taxi, a flower and a woman. This morning I asked him again and he pointed at the same parts of the drawing and repeated what he said last night. He even added that the woman is the bus driver. Though they don't really resemble the objects he named, he must have really seen them as such in his eyes, since he could take a look at them and name them for me again today.

Here is the scanned copy of his drawing, with the background changed to yellow so we can see his drawing more clearly.

For past few nights, Marcus has been listening to a French learn-the-language CD which E found stashed in his collection, instead of his usual music at bedtime. Surprisingly after just that brief exposure, he could repeat with excellent enunciation some of the simple phrases and words. He even likes it enough to ask for it at bedtime.

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