Saturday, April 28, 2007

Recalling the past (with pictures), Playdates

Loves looking back at old pictures of the smaller Marcus and wished I could "rewind" to those times when he was still so small and close to me. He is no longer as close to me as a year ago when he has more 1-1 time with me. Pictures of Marcus between July and August 2006 (22 to 23 months).

Marcus showing Pooky how to draw and scream.

Marcus reading his Mighty Movers book and enjoying the flaps.

Huiling came over to visit yesterday for a few hours and spent almost 3 hours playing with Marcus who warmed up to her so much after just a little while. He invited her to play Playdoh with him and was very insistent that she used playdoh to make him a blue taxi and bus with white wheels, after she has done all the waffles and other breakfast food. He enjoyed her company so much that he even insisted Huiling feeds him lunch. He seems to prefer playing with adults more than children, and would almost always end up showing his toys to other mothers who come over for playdates with their tots instead of playing with the tots themselves.

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