Sunday, April 29, 2007

Playdoh and tricycle, Croc meat

Marcus has been so enthusiastic about his playdoh lately. Want to play with it all day long and would make all sorts of things with his playdoh, all with his imagination now. Yesterday he made black noodles and E asked him if it is squid ink spaghetti, he said yes and proudly offered us. Just asked me if Iwant to eat a piece of white cheese. I said I want yellow cheese, cheddar to be specific, in triangular shape, not white cheese because it is smelly. He laughed. Then asked me if I want to eat black mushroom. I asked if it is portbello mushroom and he said yes. Quickly served me a big piece of black "mushroom". Told him I don't like raw ones, prefer to eat cooked mushroom. He quickly grabbed the piece from my hands, ran to his oven and announced "I am baking the mushroom in the oven". Served it to me a few minutes later and tell me "it is hot because I just cooked it". Before he passed it to me, he mumbled to himself "where is the fork and spoon" but passed the plate of hot mushroom to me anyway. When I asked if I should eat it with my hand, he then said "we need the fork, ok" and fetched me one from his "kitchen". Watched me eat with a giant smile on his face. Then asked me if it is too big, brought me a knife and said "I cut it for you". Used a knife and fork to cut the mushroom to pieces and told me "it is cut up now. you can eat it". Ran off to his chopping board and asked me if I want to eat strawberries (hand holding his red playdoh) or egg. I said scrambled egg, he got excited, said something like it is delicious and proceeded to cook me some. Then held a big piece of yellow dough and passed to me, saying it is "specially for you". Pity it is so close to his bedtime, else we can play like this for the next 4 hours.

Marcus made the waffles (with help from maid) earlier and offered to crocodile as lunch. He claimed crocodile is hungry and wants to eat waffles. The ball shaped dough are "crocodile eggs".

He has been declaring proudly these days the things that he can do on his own, like "I can close the door myself", "I made the waffle (playdoh) MYSELF" with emphasis on the word 'myself'. Haha.

Have been wanting to get Marcus a tricycle for the longest time and yesterday we finally bought it at Carrefour. Paid for it and Marcus watched the staff there put it in another trolley as we arranged for it to be delivered. He got real sad, cried loudly and told papa "uncle took the tricycle away. I want it" Explained it was sent for delivery because it is too big to fit into the taxi, he replied it can fit into the bus, implying we can take the bus instead. So adorable.

Crocodile Meat
Marcus ate it for first time. E bought a piece yesterday, made escalope with it and Marcus had a big slice. The meat looks really nice, but I just can't make myself eat it. Yuck.

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