Saturday, April 7, 2007

Nappyless and Wean off Pacifier

Stopped potty training with Marcus in the past 2 weeks while he was not well, and only resumed 3 days ago. Have been very successful with Marcus on his potty training these 3 days. He was without a nappy at home, except for nap and bedtime. He was able to let us know when he was going to pee but so far, no poo?? Today, I forgot to put on nappy for him before putting him down for nap and 2 hours later, I panicked when he woke up. But luckily, his pants were dry! Hurray! Got him to the potty immediately and he did a big pee in it. Gave him 5 pieces of chips as rewards. I know that is not a wise move but I reasoned there must be a carrot for him at this stage. Once he can do so consistently, I shall switch the incentive to stickers and hopefully it will work just as well.

Wean off Pacifier
Marcus was never a thumb sucker and in a way, I am relieved by that, though some people warned me repeatedly about how the use of pacifier is worse than the thumb sucking habit and that it will result in ugly teeth, blah blah blah.. But I always maintain that we can remove the pacifier, but not the thumb, so you are MORE dependent on the child to wean himself off.

We introduced the pacifier to Marcus when he was 2 weeks old when we were driven nuts with his crying and being first-time parents, we were repeatedly told that baby has to suck a lot for comfort, so the pacifier will do the job well. By the time he was 4 months old, I stopped bringing the pacifier out with us so he was used to taking the pacifier only before naps/bedtime at home. He doesn't ask for it any other time either. For the past few months, I only gave it to him when he asked for it at bedtime. After the recent 10 days of blocked nose/cold when we didn't give the pacifier to him at all, he didn't seem to miss it. I've just thrown it away, so we can say he is officially WEANED OFF.

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