Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Montessori school

Took Marcus to Mschool for evaluation yesterday morning. I wasn't sure if Marcus would be ready for daily school, but after being on waitlist for 9 months and finally getting a place for the afternoon session (12.30pm to 3.30pm), I am not going to give it up without trying. Besides it is timely, since Nicholas is now 6 months old, and I feel it is good for Marcus to go to school to learn something else. 

Went in at 10am and we were welcomed by a Chinese teacher who brought us into a classroom. There was another Indian directress in the room with 5 older kids, reading a book together. Marcus was invited to sit at a table and "worked" with the teacher. I sat next to him, but just as an observer for about 20 min and the whole time, Marcus just "worked" with the teacher on the different projects/materials that the teacher provided while she guided him. 

After 20 min, I told him I was going to the other room to chat with the principal and he nodded, so I left. Sat next door for another hr and chatted on the programme, routine, Marcus's personality and temperament and shared all about Marcus, our parenting style etc.. The whole time, Marcus didn't look for me and was just having fun.. When I went back to fetch him, he showed me a stack of papers he was working on and a necklace that he had made. Asked him if he liked school, he said yes and wanted to go back again. 

And today, the principal confirmed that we are getting the morning session (8.15am to 11.15am) which is excellent, though it means he has to wake at 7am. Lots of adjustment to his current routine in the next 2 weeks. However, everyone else we know who want to attend or attending this school has been on waitlist for over 18 months before they even get a morning placing and most started at the afternoon session. Many we know have been attending the afternoon session for over 6 months and still not getting a place in the morning session. So I don't know if the principal just likes me and/or Marcus so much that we get preferential treatment since I didn't even resort to any bribery or flattery of any sorts, but I did present my most enthusiastic self at all times whenever I spend any time in that school and have been asking so many questions. Not that I do that deliberately, but I have been very interested in my son's schooling. Or maybe it is because I say Marcus takes daily 3 hour naps from 2 to 5pm and we have to adjust his naptime in next 2 weeks if he goes to afternoon session. Anyway, whatever the reasons I am very pleased.

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