Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lil Chit-Chit, Bubbles and First words

Nicholas started blowing bubbles yesterday and made so much noise blowing and drooling at the same time. So cute to watch him. I noticed he has also started to suck his thumb more now, though not for long. These days, he would make so much sounds whenever he is happy, as if "talking" to himself. Most of it was "ahh, brrr... brrr... ee... " and very entertaining to my ear. It reminds me of those times when I would sit in front of Marcus and watched him blow bubbles and "talk".

Last week, I thought I heard Nicholas call "mama", but only that once. :)

Since Chinese New Year, we have been calling Nicholas "chit-chit" a lot. It seems such an appropriate nick for something so cute. Actually it means great grandson in Malay and we found out when grant aunt Jessie told us. E loves it, so it got caught on now and everyone, including Marcus would refer to Nicholas as Chit-chit. He would say to me or daddy, "don't carry Chit-Chit, put Chit-chit down" etc etc. So adorable.

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