Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Marcus at 30 Mths

A record of what Marcus can do at 30 months old.

He started uttering more single syllabus words at 17/18 months and at 20 months (April 2006) he said his first 2 words phrase - "My World" while reading the title of his favourite book then "My World" by Margaret Wise Brown. After that he started pronouncing all the 2 syllabus words like apple, cannot, etc etc.. By 22 months, he was already speaking phrases/sentences with 5 to 8 words and asking questions. At age 2, he could answer the "how old are you" and "what is your name" questions. At 30 months now, he can hold 2 to 3 lines conversations.

At 2, he could sing (from memory)
- alphabet song
- happy birthday
-twinkle twinkle little stars
- rainbow song (red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue... )
- row your boat
- wheels on the bus (but needs cues from adults) Also started to substitute the lyrics of many songs with his favourite words which are often types of vehicles like 'bus', 'car' or 'moon' and 'stars'

At 27 months, he could sing
- 12345 once I caught a fish alive
- Octopus in the sea (lyrics from GUG)

At 30 months, he sings
- london bridge is falling down
-baa baa black sheep
-mary had a little lamb
- I'm a little Teapot Try to sing but get lyrics mixed up sometimes
- Incy Wincy Spider
-Sing a song of sixpence
-My bonnie

Counts ”1-10″ reliably, still practising for “11-20″. Recognises numerals “1-30". Recognises english words for "1-10". Counts “1-10″ in mandarin. But doesn't recognise mandarin words “1-10″ since I haven't taught him.

Names colours white, black, yellow, red, blue, pink, orange, green, silver reliably, but often confuse 'purple' with 'blue'. Teaching mandarin version too but he can only remember 'red' for now.

Names shapes square, circle, triangle, oval, star, diamond, rectangle, arch reliably and can recognise word for the more basic shapes. Can pronounce hexagon, octagon, pentagon, semi-circle etc.. but sometimes confuse the shapes with others. Teaching him the rest as well.

Sings the entire alphabet. Recognises all the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. Can sing the Zoophonic song and perform the movement, but when shown the letter, he doesn't tell you the phonic sound, but name the letter instead.

English Word Recognition
Can read approx 800 words.. how I know.. I have about 800 DIY flashcards and he can read about 650 words. Plus all the other words which he reads from his books that are not found in my flash cards.. I estimate there must be at least another 150 to 200 words. I started doing GD style flash cards with Marcus when he was 15 months, not diligently but enough to sustain interest. Stopped flash cards at 17 months when I realised that he can read quite a bit on his own.

Can recognise/read his own name at 17 months and know mummy's and daddy's and baby brother's names at 25 months.


Charmaine said...


I accidently seen your blog and really amazed with Macus.

My son is curently 37 months and have just started him with flash cards 2 months ago.

He can recognise 40-50 words. Is really hard to make him read.

I've flashing cards to my 9 months old baby girl too.

I do not have much time with my children as i am working mum.

Would you mind to share your secret of sucess teaching journey?

I am so worried whether i do the right thing? Wondering whether i am in the righ path of teaching my children?

You are really amazing.

Lastly, can you please advise how much do you charge for weekend class and the place.

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Charmaine, thanks!

I don't want to sound patronising but don't worry about your children's progress just yet since they are still so young. They have a lot of time to learn and pick up reading. When they are ready, they will surprise you with what they know. :)

I don't have any secrets of success to share, though I think it is a combination of many factors that produce the results that we see in both my kids. There are a lot that we have done and still doing and it is hard to share in one post. If you follow this blog regularly, you will probably get some ideas.

The reason I started the lapbooking classes is to share 'our methodology' of homeschooling. Through the lapbooking classes that I am conducting, you will learn for yourself how I conduct our homeschooling activities and appreciate its effectiveness on your children. I have some parents who have signed up for 4 months of classes after attending just a few lessons.

Please leave me another comment with your email address, your child's name and dob and I will email you the details on cost, venue for the relevant class. Thanks!


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