Thursday, March 22, 2007

Potty training struggle

Finally Marcus ran to me today before he peed and for the first time, he successfully peed into the potty!! YEAH!!

At 18 months, he was able to signal to me that he was going to poo, but I wasn't ready to potty train him and I kept thinking that there is really no hurry since research shows that most tots are only ready after their 2nd birthday. So I didn't even have a potty at home. When I finally got him a potty, he refused to sit on it, so no success. Then at 21 months, I bought him pants, following mum's advice, but after he slipped twice, I aborted the plan.

Today, I put on pants for him again and after the first accident, he seems to get it! I HOPE so. Then we can save some bucks and channel those $ towards his brain training.

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