Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My lil young coconut

(picture above: 5 days old Nicholas)

Nicholas arrived on 10th October 2006.. after my 19 hours of labour, he still arrived through the "front door" as E very fondly referred to. :P

Birth Story
9th Oct 8am: noticed browny discharge and had slight menses like cramps on lower abdomen. Also slight lower backache. But still bearable.
noon to 5pm: more browny discharge but now pain is almost gone, except for a dull lower backache. So decided to go out for dinner (BIG MISTAKE)
8pm: Ordered food, then big menses-like pain and starting to have strong contractions every 20min.
9pm: reached home, shower quickly as contractions got stronger. Timed it and was shocked that interval is every 10 min.
1030pm: At TMC labour ward, was told my contractions were every 3 min BUT only 1cm dilated. I was both shocked and disappointed as pain was so getting unbearable.

10th oct
0030am: contractions getting stronger but still 3min apart. I was all alone in labour ward as hubby was kept waiting to do admissions (ridiculously stupid!!)Midwife and nurses kept asking me to consider epidural since i was in so much pain. And one of them said "with epidural, you can relax, so your cervix should dilate faster".After a while, I gave in and asked for epidural.
130am: Gynae turned up and checked that my cervix only opened 1.5cm!! I almost cried from disappointment. Contractions intensity remained same but now is 6min apart (donno why)! Gynae told me to go sleep and let uterus do the work.
7am: Gynae checked and cervix only opened 3cm. Was told nothing much can be done as i had previous c-sect, except to let uterus do its work.
3pm: Gynae checked again and cervix only opened 5cm! Baby's head had crowned a little, but seemed stuck. So he suspected very big head/baby and with stubborn cervix, no point continuing suffering.He was very empathetic and consoled me that I had tried my best and it has been 19hrs labour, so even though baby's heartbeat was healthy, but he recommended c-sect. I was so disappointed and tired, I just cried and cried. :(
4.17pm: Baby Nicholas was delivered via c-sect. He was 3.69kg and 51cm long.

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