Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Better late than never.. I really should have done this long time ago, when E first suggested to me that I do a blog to record all the beautiful, cute, funny etc.. etc.. things that M does..

Today as we were walking around Vivo City, I saw how happy M was, jumping up and down, calling "mummy, look at this! mummy, look at that!". N was sitting in his pram, chewing his thumbs and trying to stuff his whole left hand into his tiny mouth while eyeing M attentively. 

I realise how fast my baby M has grown and already how much I've forgotten about the process. 

I miss my baby M so much. Funny I know, since he is still here with me. But I meant, I miss the times when he was still a baby, a tiny tot, and even just 6 months ago, he was so different from now. Not that I don't enjoy him as much now, I do. But I do miss terribly those times we shared together when he was smaller and that special moment some 12 months ago when M was sitting in his cot, pointed at me and said "mummy", then at himself while whispering "baby" with a smile. He regarded himself the "baby" then as I still fondly called him "baby" a lot back then. It still touches me everytime I recall that moment.

During his bath today, I asked him if he is still a baby and immediately he said "no, I am a boy".

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