Saturday, March 24, 2007

Marcus the jetsetter

I hope Nicholas will have as much wonderful experiences as Marcus had during his first year of life.

Marcus flew with beautiful SQ stewardesses
- in April 2005 at tender age of 7 months old to Hong Kong with both grandmothers and us
- in July 2005 when he was 10 months old to KL when E had to be there for business trip
- in August 2005 to stay at Angsana Bintan Resort (okie, he missed the Singapore girls and took a ferry with Singapore aunties and ah-pehs instead)
- in October 2005 to Bangkok to see Auntie Heidi

I highly doubt that Nicholas will even be travelling anywhere out of Singapore by the time he turns 1 since we will have to deal with the hassle and stress of travelling with an infant and toddler. Not that he will appreciate that much either but sometimes I think we are just underestimating the abilities of our lil ones AGAIN...

I mentioned in passing to E recently that perhaps we can hop on the same plane as his parents who will be visiting in May and return to London with them. This way we can visit London with the boys and only need to survive the flight back alone with them. I can imagine how much Marcus would enjoy the parks in London, the bus and train rides (maybe he will even find the frequent breakdowns of the TUBE very enjoyable!) and perhaps even the museum visits. As for Nicholas, yes he will be way too young to appreciate many aspects but will still be stimulated in many ways. Anyway, E said to wait a few more years... so oh well..

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