Saturday, March 24, 2007

First taste of Solids!

N had his first solids yesterday. He was fed at lunchtime a tablespoon of Healthy Times organic whole grain brown rice cereal mixed with 30ml of Similac Infant formula. He was a little surprised when the spoon touched his lips and it took some getting used to before he showed interest for more. At least he liked it enough to finish all the cereal I fed him.

At least for weaning, there are advantages for being #2 since mummy would have learnt from my past mistakes/experiences (sorry my poor baby M) and would (hopefully) be wiser in my choices/decisions. So with Nicholas, I'm going to wean him very differently, i.e.
1. giving as much organic varieties as possible
2. feeding him wholegrains right from the beginning and Super Porridge when he turns 8 months at EVERY meal since it is high carbs and wholegrains which means tons of goodness and high calories!!! VERY important!
3. cooking fresh or batch-cooking/freezing instead of giving commercial jar baby food, however tempting the packaging is (also made possible now with a maid who will be washing/cleaning up after the mess)
4. not to replace milk feeds with solids until he can eat considerable amount of Super Porridge
5. no juices and only very little water, even if he doesn't poop daily since milk feeds are 80% water anyway

aww...i feel awful whenever I think of the mistakes I made before with M. But then again, I was a first-time mum then and I did my best.

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