Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mediocre Life, anyone?

Once in a while, I come across posts from people who claimed they choose to lead a mediocre life or that it is okay to them that their kids lead a mediocre life. Hence, they just want their kids to be stress-free and to do whatever they like..

I cannot help but wonder if these people live in mountains or remote villages. If they live in hectic and expensive cities like Singapore, is it really wise to wish that?

I have 3 kids. I raise them myself without a village or maid. It is super hard work. My days are not slow at all. But do I want a slow and mediocre life? Would I wish that my kids will aspire for a slow and mediocre life and be truly content with it? We only have one life. Aiming to lead a mediocre life is such a depressing idea to me.

After 13 years of parenting, I still believe that if I do it right, I will raise kids who have a memorable childhood and yet ready to take on the world by the time they are expected to be independent.

They will have the abilities to afford whatever lifestyles they wish yet the freedom to choose to lead a simpler, slower or even mediocre life whenever they fancy, simply because they can also afford to do so.

The key here is the freedom to choose, which I think is true happiness.

It is not the same if one does not have the abilities to afford a different lifestyle, hence he can only settle for a mediocre life.

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