Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Case of the Hot Air Balloon

The Dolly discovered her once-beautiful red balloon had deflated into a soft and wrinkly lump.

She protested when I uttered a heartless 'Just throw it away! It is only a balloon.'

After realizing how futile it would be to ask me to 'rescue' her balloon, she came to me with tears welled up in her eyes, asking for some papers from the recycling drawer (kids know my insistence on recycling papers that are blank on one side).

She disappeared into the study for nearly half hour and emerged with this.

Her hot air balloon. 
She cut the old rope (from some parcel) and taped the pieces to the "basket" she folded with a piece of recycled paper.

She made a girl with recycled paper too. So there will be someone standing in the basket, admiring the scenery.

Call it mummy's bias, but her creation and resourcefulness made me laugh out loud and beamed with pride at the same time. 

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