Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tip #5: Raising an Assertive Child

One of my 3 kids is definitely an introvert. I believe there is nothing wrong or inferior being an introvert. It is just the way one is and we should not try to change an introvert into an extrovert.

Often, people mistakenly think that being an introvert means one is shy and reserved, with poor social skills and possibly weak communication skills too.

Perhaps this is largely true because introverts will have fewer opportunities to interact with others, even if it is by choice, hence naturally they will accumulate lesser experience to hone their social and communication skills.

However, like all things in life, there can and will be exceptions.

As a parent, my goal is not to turn all my kids into extroverts though I value excellent social and communication skills as highly useful skills to possess. Unless one plans to live in isolation, being good at communication certainly brings more benefits.

However, honing social and communication skills are not the same thing. While these skills are useful, it is more important to teach kids of all ages to be assertive. I like to believe that even introverts can be assertive.

But enough research has shown that assertiveness must be learnt. I certainly do not believe that all extroverts will be more assertive or possess stronger communication skills than all introverts.

Having more experience to socialise and interact helps one to hone these skills but still to perfect the skills will need more than just experience.

Here are some tips to raising assertive kids.


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