Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Through the Eyes of a 5-Year-Old

The Dolly always looks forward to Easter because she knows that the Easter bunny will visit the night before and there will be an egg hunt the next morning.

Of course the egg hunt is so appealing because the eggs involved are not chicken eggs, but those colourfully-wrapped chocolate eggs. The first year that the Easter bunny visited, it was way too generous and must have 'splurged' on too many eggs of different sizes.

Ever since that first delightful experience 3 years ago, the 5-year-old started counting down to Easter after she had collected her Christmas presents from Father Christmas.

"When is Easter, mama? What date would it be?"

"Will the Easter bunny bring MORE chocolates this year?

"Why must we wait so many months for Easter? Why can't Easter be in January?"

This year, she decided to make this and stuck it to my study table. Hmmph!!! As if I need to countdown too.

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