Saturday, November 19, 2016

Finland's new Multi-disciplinary Approach

It has been reported so frequently that Finland has one of the best education systems in the world. A system that advocates No Exams + No Homework + More Creativity = students who consistently top the international ranking in English and Math.

This gives many the impression that it is perhaps a perfect system.

Recently, it has been reported in many sources that Finland is scrapping subjects-based teaching in its latest reform in education.

The new education reform emphasizes the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to education and introduces the concept of "phenomenon-based" teaching which will teach broader topics such as Climate Change. With this approach, students will have to apply skills and knowledge in a single class, which will give them a much clearer understanding of the complexity of the world.

Very interesting!!  I could not agree any more with Finland's new approach because I have been coaching students with this approach right from day one.

A multi-disciplinary approach is what From Tiny Acorns has been advocating since Year 2009!!

Students of our Bright Minds Lapbookers programme (read more HERE) at From Tiny Acorns are taught with a multi-disciplinary approach since 2009!! More about our curriculum and unique approach HERE. 

When I first realised there was this huge GAP in Singapore's preschool and Primary school education system, after my extensive research into local preschools and MOE's national education curriculum, I decided I had to take actions for the benefit of my own children. That was back in 2008.

When the benefits of this unique approach of combining a multi-disciplinary thematic coaching style with literature-based lapbooking were simply too astounding to ignore, I founded From Tiny Acorns so more children can benefit from this approach.

When I recognised that our Primary school students are not adequately exposed, if at all, to current affairs and global issues and they are also not properly taught higher order thinking skills through the school curriculum, yet they will be tested and assessed in major exams, the GAPS are again too huge for me to ignore. Our Bright World Thinkers programme (read more HERE) is developed specifically to bridge these learning gaps and equip our students with the essential 21st century skills to thrive in the complex world.

While mainstream students have to wait patiently for Singapore's Ministry of Education to adopt such a bold move of scrapping subjects in favour of a multi-disciplinary approach, and there is really no telling when and if it would happen, students at From Tiny Acorns will continue to experience for themselves the tremendous benefits of this approach through our Bright Minds Lapbookers and Bright World Thinkers programmes.

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