Monday, October 10, 2016

The Pat on the Back 7 years ago

With over 1600 posts in this blog and so many years since I started blogging, I have forgotten many of my old posts.

Looking through the old posts and coming across random ones on the kids when they were little or my heartfelt thoughts back in those days is such a wonderful way to remember the kids' growing up years and my experience as a younger mum.

Anyway, I was searching for some old posts earlier and chanced upon one post -  'Pat on the Back at Work' written back in Nov 2009 which brought a little tear to my eye.

(taken from that blog post)
Here is an extract taken from K's blog. She is a friend and also parent of one of my students who has been attending my lapbooking class since April. She blogged last week about a recent lapbook her gal E has made in my class. Her younger gal will also be joining us next year. 

...... Of course the activities were fun and engaging, not to forget enriching. Like every of her lapbooking lesson, she has learnt so much. It’s not about the amount of facts that she has acquired in class, but rather on how she learns to process the knowledge. It’s more about pro-active learning. I’m glad to find out about her strengths and weaknesses ever since she started her lapbooking class, in which I can follow up and work on at home. I’m learning as a parent and truly thankful that I have a wonderful friend who has given me valuable insight into this area....

How time flies! 

K's daughter, Emma was only in K1 that year. Just like my eldest then. She was one of my first batches of tinyacorns, and was with my Bright Minds Lapbookers programme all the way till the end of her K2 year. Her sister Ethel joined us at 2 years old and was also with the programme for 3 years, till I took the break in 2013. 

Now, both M and Emma are done with the PSLE and waiting for the next chapter to begin. It is so hard not to be emotional about how fast our babies are growing up.

Emma has consistently excelled in her six years of Primary School journey, topping her cohort with ease. I am confident she will continue to go from strength to strength in the next six years and more to come. And her sister, Ethel who is now in Primary 3, has also consistently topped her cohort. This bright mind will also be a shining star for sure.

From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow!! Indeed! 

I cannot wait to meet all the new students who are coming to my classes in two weeks' time and watch them grow from the tiny acorns they are now to mighty oak trees in future.

And I also cannot wait to catch up with all the supportive parents of my ex-tinyacorns who are returning with their younger children. I must have done something right for their older kids, who are all in primary schools now.

And yes, I will share PSLE tips with those who are currently in Pri 5. See you all very, very soon! 

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