Monday, October 17, 2016

Her Blond Girl: A Test of Focus

One of Dolly's recent pieces. Completed in early Oct. Drawn and coloured with sharpie markers.

She started the 'project' on her own and worked on it till it was completed to her satisfaction. This took her nearly an hour from start to finish.

Her focus and ability to concentrate on her tasks at hand is in no way less outstanding than her brothers when they were this age.

This did not happen by chance.

Unfortunately, it is so common to see preschoolers with short attention span.

Yet, without an ability to concentrate on tasks for sufficient time has a direct impact on one's ability to learn or complete tasks. As a result, toddlers and preschoolers become easily frustrated in the learning process and many would avoid challenges or give up prematurely.

The ability to concentrate is an act of will and a skill that can be acquired. Here are Seven Effective Tips to Improve Concentration Span in Kids.

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