Monday, October 3, 2016

Cultivating Friendships

A play date at Jacobs Ballas a few months ago.

One is the daughter of my bestie. The other is Dolly's ballet mate and they will most likely be going to the same school together.

I believe in cultivating friendships. I find the idea of little friends growing up together to be extremely sweet and adorable. Over the years, I have tried to arrange play dates with many friends and even strangers, with the hope that the kids would become good friends and 'grow up together'. I cannot say that I have really succeeded for the boys, but I am not giving up.

For these little ones, the adults must make the effort to bring them together since they cannot arrange play dates by themselves.

(Not showing the photo of J  in case her mum is not comfortable with her photo in this public blog.)

I remain hopeful. I must get my act together and get the girls to meet up more frequently.

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