Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Hidden Talents, to Discover or Bury?

Ever since the Olympic Games and watching Joseph Schooling's historic win, I have been reflecting a lot and reviewing my parenting beliefs.

In this blog, I wrote many posts on the topics of nurture vs nature and how I believe more often than not, parents are the ones who make the most difference in making it possible for a child's talent to be discovered and nurtured before the child would ever have a chance to shine.

Yes, there must be coaches, mentors, idols and other forms of assistance and inspiration but without the parents' initial support at least, nothing much will happen.

In short, the parents are the key to the puzzle of raising geniuses and prodigies. And for the rest of the world who are neither geniuses nor prodigies, within everyone, there must be hidden talents waiting to be discovered.

I wrote a post on Geniuses and Prodigies back in October 2008.

"A child at a tender age of 4 or 5 can only have a chance to develop her fullest potential if her parents are wise enough to recognise the possibility of that talent she has or at least kind and generous enough to give her an opportunity to pursue an interest which could take years to develop and show results.

Without parental support and nurturing,  a young child's talent and passion for any particular field may need to be shelved and with each passing year of age, that hidden talent may never ever resurfaced. So for the majority of us whose parents insisted on academic development over the pursuit of hobbies when we were growing up, or were simply too poor or busy to notice a child's passion in some areas, the hidden talents remain hidden."

Click here for full post.

Nearly 8 years later, I feel more strongly than ever.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I realized the areas where we could have decided differently or done better.

With my Dolly, hopefully, we will be wiser.

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