Friday, September 23, 2016

How She Defines Beauty

These were all drawn in the last few months. Probably when Dolly was 4 yr 6 months to 9 months old.

Can you guess who these are?

I will admit that I absolutely, certainly, madly, seriously, definitely, undeniably, crazily, totally ADORE all her drawings and sketches.

They cheer up my days, no matter how lousy my days could have been.
They bring big smiles to my face.
They show me the beautiful soul in her.
They remind me of all the reasons I love kids so much.
They are evidence of how passionate little human beings can be.
They show me as long as we believe in them, they can all achieve (something).
They reinforce my consistent beliefs of how all children, regardless of age and abilities, just need a CHANCE, that good opportunity.
They give me hope that as long as I am determined, I could reach out to many kids out there and help them, even if it is just one child at a time (I have a big dream which I have never really shared in details before).

For now, I appreciate my daughter's beautiful creations everyday and be grateful.

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