Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland 2014

The doting dad booked the trip on a whim shortly after a vacation.

His typical response after a vacation is 'I need another vacation!'  Haha...

But usually we would laugh it off, before logic and common sense took over. We are sensible adults, so of course we cannot just book another trip after we had just been on a trip.

This time however, he booked it online after just briefly mentioning it to me. I did not have time to react. The kids, of course, were over the moon when the dad announced who they would be spending Christmas with.

So here we went this month... to the Hong Kong Disneyland for the Christmas holidays.

8-year-old's version of the castle

Chilly morning pose

Supposed to be the highlight of the trip for the princess, but she turned all shy and refused to pose for photos with the beautiful Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Just like the boys when they met Buzz Lightyear a few years ago!  

Turned out to be the highlight of the trip for me!

A much-needed rest after a long stroll to a park.

Decided to pose as 'Ariel, the mermaid' when she saw this huge rock in the middle of the Central Business District. So many passers-by smiled knowingly (I guessed they must have kids,so they got it) or laughed out loud at the cuteness overload and total oblivion to the world passing by.

Fooling around with chopsticks after realising how futile it would be to fight with Mama over these delicious slices of roast goose (I think, it has been too long, I cannot remember!) using chopsticks.  After the shots, they gave up and used forks! Haha

Small Mickey finally posed with the big Mickey! 

I think this kid was the one who enjoyed Disneyland the MOST! 

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