Monday, August 1, 2016

The Games We Play (Part II)

Last week, I blogged about the Country Game that we play at home.

This Letter Game is another game that we have been playing recently.

The youngest suggests a letter of the alphabet and we just take turns to name as many words beginning with the letter as possible.

At breakfast one morning, she decided to play this game with me. She suggested the letter S.

Instead of just voicing the words, I decided to write them down as we list until we filled the entire A4 paper. As there were only the two of us that morning, Dolly must have named over 50 words!!  No kidding!

Afterwards, I got her to read them all to me. Except for 'splendid' and 'sniper', she knew the meanings of all the other words! Woo hoo!!!

Her vocabulary and reading have indeed improved by leaps and bounds this year.

I have played variations of this game with all my kids and students as part of our lapbooking activities before. Depending on the kind of skills I planned to hone with the game, it is such a versatile and easy game to execute. Not only does it work wonders in sharpening listening skill, reinforcing reading skill and expanding vocabulary, it also aids their ability to spell.

Of course, no matter how much fun a game is, if we do this too often for all 26 letters of the alphabet, the novelty will wear out quickly and the games loses its effectiveness. But used in conjunction with the other lapbooking activities that I do with their Dolly currently, it becomes effortlessly effective without sacrificing any fun.

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