Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Primary 6: The Final Leap

We are just one week away from the PSLE/Prelims now.

In the recent weeks, M has become even more independent than ever. He asked to be in total control of his revision schedule and to manage his own time.

At first, I was concerned but he seemed ready and determined enough, even though he still has to fight the occasional temptations of online gaming.

As a parent, I can only guide him in his ways, train him well to equip him with the skills to excel but at the end of the day, he has to fight his own battles. I always tell my boys that we can bring a thirsty horse to the river, but we cannot force it to drink. 

I know they understand this analogy well, though from time to time, they may need to be reminded.

M is very clear of what he wants and has set his goals. This year, he has indeed matured a lot and learnt to prioritise and be more responsible. This to me, is already a huge consolation.

Whatever the outcome, it will only be the beginning of the next leg of the long journey ahead. I am very excited for him though and cannot wait for the new adventures to begin.

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