Monday, August 15, 2016

His Best Friend - Edward Milli

In another 3 months, my first born's Primary school journey will come to an end.

Nearly every week, I get reminded of all the big and little things that we used to do when he was still considered the junior in the school. I recall looking at the really tall kids and wondered if my son would be this tall by the time he was in Primary 6.

Last week, as I was waiting in the car, stuck in the queue to pick up the boys at school dismissal time, I thought of Edward Milli.

Remember Edward Milli? E and I would occasionally tease M about him.

The entire saga of this Eurasian best friend. It felt like it all happened just a short while ago. I still remember all the details and emotions so vividly, as if it just happened recently.

But no, it has been nearly 6 years.

Thankfully, he no longer needs to imagine a best friend. He has a best friend who loves hanging out with him and a few others whom he considered close enough. He gets along with just about everyone in class, though he does not feel the need to be closer to most of them. He is very comfortable with his own company and that of his few close friends. He is happy.

To this mama, this is good enough.

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