Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Mundane Hours

I have a realisation recently.

Whenever someone asked me to describe my parenting experience, more often than not, I would make the comment 'the days are long, but the years are short'.

Older folks would either nod vigorously or give approving and understanding looks. Younger, less experienced parents would smile curiously in response, as if they have chanced upon some nuggets of wisdom.

I really like this post from the Huffpost Parents.

"You forgot.
You forgot what it’s like to not finish a sentence. 
To not finish a thought. To live your life in fragmented snippets of 
trying-to-communicate-with-other-adults, but never quite completing
any message in any meaningful way."

This made me smile.

But the rest of the post included so many wise reminders that brought tears to my eyes.

In my 12 year long journey of being a stay-home-mum, I have lost count of the number of times when I lamented or sighed at how mundane my life has become and how lonely this motherhood journey can be.

However, in those moments, I was often blessed enough to chance upon such gems which not only offered the much-needed comfort and perspectives, it also served as a timely reminder that gave me strength to march on.


Unknown said...

Hi Shirley,

It's great to finally see an update to your blog, I often come back to read your entries, on the frustrations we shared and your perspectives on parenting. They reminded me why I chose to stay home and all the frustrations we once faced will be over (eventually)

This is SIEWSIEW, entong's mummy, she is now in primary 1 and having fun. Your lessons with her in the past has gave her a good foundation in thinking and questioning.

Hope you are doing well and I'm sure M will do well in his PSLE this year under your guidance.

Take care!

Unknown said...

Hi Shirley,

It's great to see an update to your blog. I often come back here to read your updates on the frustrations we shared.

Reading your entries reminded me why I chose to stay home and the frustrations will be over (eventually). I also enjoyed reading your perspectives on parenting and reflect on mine.

This is SIEWSIEW, entong's mommy. Entong is now in primary 1 and she is enjoying it so far. Her lessons with you has given her a good foundation in enabling her to think and question her a lot.

I'm sure M will do well in his PSLE under your guidance so don't worry too much. Also take care of your well-being.

Take care!

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Siew Siew! So lovely to hear from you. Thank you for leaving your comments. I still remember how fun and rewarding it was to coach Entong. :> She will be a joy to every teacher, this I am very sure! Thanks for your comforting words. I have a lot to say about the local education system, just not organised enough to blog about them yet. Soon, I hope! Take care!


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