Friday, December 4, 2015

The Big Sister

For quite a long time now, umm... perhaps a year or more, the dolly has lamented repeatedly that she wants to be the big sister in the family. It is not enough to have two boys as her playmates.

She just really, really, really wants to have a little sister in the house to play with her. So they could play the same girly toys together.

Haha... and that would always be my first reaction. Sometimes, it would be made known openly to her. Sometimes, I just murmured my 'haha' to myself and patronised her with sweet and understanding responses of how she would lose her resident baby and princess status. There are tremendous advantages to being the only princess in the house. No, I am just kidding. Of course I did not say all that to her.

At times, she would ask for a bigger sister. One who could be as tall as Elsa (from Frozen) and preferably, look like Elsa. Hey, how about just make Elsa come over and hang out?! But make no mistake, she does not ever want to be Anna. She wants to be Queen Elsa or just be herself.

Now that she is no longer teeny tiny, but looks and behaves increasingly like a preschooler, I got to admit I did get tempted enough to toy with the idea of making another baby, just so that I will always have a baby in my arms!

But while the heart is tempted, my head screams NO. If I were 5 years younger and perhaps with a village to help out in the childraising, I might give in. After all, I often feel like I have an abundant amount of love to shower on little ones and even after loving the three of mine at home, I still feel an aching need to love more! It is a very odd feeling to have.

Nevertheless, the answer to her repeated requests has to be a 'No'.


Wendy Tong said...

My 2011 baby has been asking me for a didi recently too!! I told her mummy has enough babies but she whined "But we don't have a didi!!"

Domesticgoddess said...

Wendy!!! So great to hear from you again. How have you been? AWw.... I think all little ones will ask for a didi or meimei at some point! Your 'mummy has enough babies' is so funny. :> And she is right, Wendy! No didi! Haha... Hey, let's get our girls together. Yes?

Wendy Tong said...

haha yah but 4 is too many for me to handle especially since I am still working. Yes, we can arrange.


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