Monday, September 21, 2015

Baby O is 4!

The dolly celebrated her 4th birthday recently.

A small party with just a few of her favourite classmates and handful of friends whom she plays with .

The papa brought her to a party store to select the theme-related deco and as expected, they chose a Disney Princess theme. Cliche as it may be, the girl was thrilled to the max. She simply could not wait for the day to arrive, since the mermaid-shaped party invite was handed out.

Everyday (no kidding!), she would count down to the number of days left. It helps that she knows her number sequence and days of the week very well.

So every morning at breakfast, she will announce that 'today is the {date} and it is a {day of week} and my party is on the 19th, the Saturday!' followed by a few moments of silent counting, before she declared excitedly 'Yay! Just another {x} number of days to go!'

This dolly just cannot wait to grow up.

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