Monday, December 22, 2014

The Story of Three Pillows

Dolly came up with the story just as I was getting out of bed.

You know, mama, I have three pillows and their names are Shiver, Flowers and (looking around the room for inspiration).. Drink!

Shiver was in a room that was very cold and Shiver starts shivering. (She saw that I was amused and she started giggling too.) 

Flowers went to the garden and saw many beautiful pink flowers. Flowers smiled at them. The rest of the flowers were plucked by a ferocious dinosaur. 

Drink was so thirsty. It looked around the room for something to drink. Its mama gave it some yummy milk and it drank it all up.

She has been spinning stories for a few months now, usually weaving bits of newly acquired knowlege into her stories. Often, she gets inspired by her brothers' discussions.

I really must make more effort to blog about her development, even if I had blogged about similar achievements/development of the boys before. They may not be the first time I get to witness the achievement of developmental milestones, but they will ALWAYS be the first time for her when achieves each and every milestone. It is only fair that I view them in that light and be as excited about them as I was with her brothers.

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