Monday, December 15, 2014

A Long Overdue Playdate

At West Coast Park.

Just so lovely to see the older kids interact and play together again, especially since they have not met each other for nearly 18 months.

Looking at these photos now is enough to bring back such beautiful memories of how much they have grown over the years.

Memories like how shy Emma was when she first met my tiny 1-year-old M at the playgroup I organised and how a few years later little Ethel would join N for the weekly Mandarin playgroup that her mum K and I put together for them. All their playground runs and Botanic Gardens strolls and swims at our previous pool......

And to my utmost amusement and delight, how all four of them fussed and truly looked after my little Olivia. My boys treat her like treasure, that I know, but to see how the girls really looked out for her interests and were so instinctively protective over her just made me smile.

We ought to get the kids together more often next year. The time is ripe for the older ones to bond and share their hobbies too. Yeah, K?? *wink*

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