Thursday, August 21, 2014

Glimpses of Innocence


He may be nearly 8, but he still retains much of his innocence and kiddy traits.

He still has a mega soft spot for pigs and all things related to them. He still enjoys many of the toys he used to love since he was a toddler. He certainly does not behave as grown-up as his older brother was at this age.

He still "oinks" and makes his piggy gestures and expressions. Perhaps, he feels the need to retain his "cuteness" to remain our "little pig".

When I look at him, there is nothing that suggests he is nearly 8. In fact, besides the fact that he has grown taller, he seems to have remained the same since the day Olivia was born.

Just like that, nearly 3 years have passed. It was as if I just blinked and I have missed 3 years of his childhood years. Did I do enough as a mum for him? Did I enjoy him enough during these years?

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