Tuesday, April 1, 2014

30-month-old Olivia

Every few weeks I would feel guilty for not blogging more about my little girl.

This is a post in progress.... will update when I have time. 

Peeking into the bathroom after I had a shower....  "What happened to the mirror?"

After listening to a discussion I had with Chip on flying objects, she asked "what makes the airplanes fly?", followed by  "Do hot air balloons have wings?"  and "How do kites fly?"

"Why do joeys stay inside the pouch?"

"Why do you put creams on your face?"

When I grow up.... 
Once, she asked if she could wash dishes and clothes for me. I explained she could do all that when she grew up, so she would need to eat all her meals and sleep a lot in order to grow tall and strong.

Another time, she saw me dressing up and asked if she could also wear earrings and heels. Again, I told her she could when she grew up.

Ever since, she would say "When I grow up, I can help you wash dishes and clean the floor, Mama."

O: Why did M say I can have his pen?
Me: Actually this is now my pen. And I say you can have it.
O: But this pen belongs to M. Why did you say it is yours?
Me: Oh I gave him a new pen, so he gave this to me.
O: Oh. So you are giving it to me now?
Me: No, I am lending it to you.
O: But I can't write words with this pen.
Me: Do you want to change the pen or use a pencil instead?
O: Umm... it's alright I think. I will try again.

O: Where is my best friend?
Me: Who is your best friend?
O: N of course. He is my best friend.
Me: Ahh... what about M?
O: Oh he is my big brother, not my best friend, you silly Mama...  (let go a chuckle and roll her eyes at me)
Me: Is papa your best friend too?
O: Of course not! (pause) He is my darling!! (nods head)

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